Tomas Maier Pre Fall Collection 2018

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Tomas Maier designed a practical collection based around his customers shopping habit desires.

Tomas Maier is a designer with practicality in the forefront of his mind. What do his customers desire when pre-fall actually hits stores? From Maier’s observation that “the customer does not buy much ahead of time anymore,” he created two separate drops for pre-fall 2018.

The first, which will hit stores mid-May/June included summer hits. There was fun swimwear, cotton beach-appropriate gingham, airy cotton pleated dresses and lightweight outerwear, such as a nylon Windbreaker that could be worn in the reverse lamé side for a hint of glam. His strongest assortment from drop one resulted in two lightweight denim dresses with industrial pull belts and straps.

Maier proclaimed his second drop to be “a bit more of a boarding school girl…good girl versus bad girl.” There were great fall textures throughout. A check kilt with the same industrial pull belts and chunky sweaters for the “good girl” while “bad girl” included chic denim set of high-waisted pant and tailored jacket cow-printed mohair collar as well as a mesh skirt. Maier’s outerwear proved strong as well and rounded out final drop of a collection that was sensibly planned around Maier’s customers timely desires.