Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage Is Only Holding Together Because Of Couples Therapy

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

The high-profile Hollywood duo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who have always maintained a strong presence in the public eye for a myriad of reasons — some pleasant, some controversial — have been making headlines since they rekindled their relationship.

The pair, who initially called off their wedding in 2003, reunited amidst the global pandemic and subsequently confirmed their reconciliation. The couple soon decided to take the marital vow, not once but twice.

However, rumors of marital strife began circulating within their first year of marriage, and there’s a fresh update today. For those unfamiliar with the situation, while their two weddings created a buzz, Ben and Jennifer have also drawn significant attention due to rumored discord in their relationship.

This claim came from The National Enquirer (via Radar Online) Stories have circulated regarding various issues, such as JLo’s alleged obsession with maintaining her youthful appearance and her expectations for Ben to do the same, as well as claims that Affleck is discontented with her launching an alcohol brand while he is striving to maintain sobriety.

These rumors have led to speculation that the relationship between the pair, who have not yet celebrated their first wedding anniversary, is on the rocks. While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have remained tight-lipped about the rumors, a new update provides some insight into how their marriage is staying afloat. Keep reading for more information on this development.

According to a CinemaBlend report citing Radar Online, Ben Affleck has purportedly disclosed that couples therapy is the lifeline that’s keeping his marriage to Jennifer Lopez together. The Batman star reportedly made this revelation while offering advice to his best friend, Matt Damon. A source close to the situation even stated, “Ben is first to admit the only thing that keeps Jennifer and him together is therapy.”